by Nan Jones   @NanJonesAuthor

I stared at the laptop and sighed a heavy sigh. Exhaustion filtered through my weary body. Deadlines loomed. A kazillion emails screamed for attention. Dinner needed to be cooked. Laundry folded…

Out of the chaos of my mind came an image of Jesus walking up to the mountaintop to be alone with God.

Lord, really? Please, not now. I have too much to do. I’ll never finish everything if I stop to just sit and be quiet.

Nan, you’ll never finish everything if you don’t stop.

And so I did. I closed the laptop, turned on some praise music and curled up on the couch. It felt good to step out of the whirlwind into the presence of the Lord. I spoke the Name of Jesus. Over and over … JesusJesus. His peace descended upon me. Tension released from my shoulders. Myriads of thoughts stopped circling and found resting places.

As I concentrated on the Lord and made my requests known to Him, I realized that the multitude of tasks was no longer monumental. I realized that everyone and everything that needed my attention would still be there – the world wouldn’t stop if I rested with the Lord a few moments – and I would resume work and ministry with fresh strength and power. Just like Jesus.

“And when He [Jesus] had sent the multitudes away, 
He went up on the mountain 
by Himself to pray.” 
~ Matthew 11:23

Jesus sought communion with His Father right in the middle of a busy day. He and the disciples had just fed five thousand men, women, and children after hours of healing their sick. It’s easy to imagine the fatigue. After cleaning up and dismissing the crowd, the next event on the calendar was sailing across the sea into the land of Gennesaret to minister to multitudes of people there.

In the midst of the fatigue and never-ending responsibilities, I believe Jesus heard the voice of God bidding Him to come, so He did.

The Lord Most High draws us to Him. He desires rich relationship with His children. That’s why we were created! He desires our company. Our fellowship. Isn’t that incredible? How can we be so casual about Almighty God? How can I? It seems that we would run to Him at the very thought of His love. We have the privilege of coming before the Creator of the Universe. That’s mind-boggling, and yet we take it for granted and place it in our event planner as something else we have to do.

Andrew Murray said, “Oh, the thought of having God all alone to myself and knowing that God has me all alone to Himself!”


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