Placing our feet in His footprints will keep us in His perfect will.

Placing our feet in His footprints will keep us in His perfect will.

Lord, You are the Sovereign God who reigns on high. You are mighty, yet gentle; just, yet gracious — O so gracious! You orchestrate and govern all of the universe, yet tend to the intricate details of my life. Of these things I cannot fully comprehend, yet I know they are true for I have experienced each of them: Your power, gentleness, justice, grace. I know You as Sovereign God, and Abba Father — my Daddy God. I’m so grateful for Your love.

Many of us yearn to know Your perfect will for our lives. We desire to honor You, to recognize Your authority over us. Show us Your footprints that we might follow them with complete abandon.

You’ve taught me to see that walking a road that lies closely parallel to the one You want me to travel, yet not placing my feet in Your footprints is not Your idea of obedience. To be almost in Your perfect will is actually to miss it completely. Lord, that’s hard to swallow.

In Your perfect will is peace. Provision. Joy, and fulfillment.

Help us recognize Your voice of instruction. Give us courage to obey, and strength to persevere when we want to compromise to make things easier. Help us walk in Your truth — to discern Your perfect will and walk it in. It sounds simple, Lord, but it’s not.

I know You take great pleasure in an obedient heart. May the determination of our heart to obey You in all things honor You and cause You to smile. We want to bless You Lord for all You have done and do for us.

You are an awesome God, worthy of all praise.

In Jesus’ Name I pray,



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