Trust grows when we spend time with Him.

Trust grows when we spend time with Him.

Lord, You complete me — You make me whole. You teach me to trust You. Your Living Water seeps through the broken places sealing the crevices with Your love. You are teaching me that as I bring You my adoration, You return to me Your strength and power to accomplish Your purposes in me. Thank You Lord. You renew my vision and awaken my heart.

So often we feel weighed down — so sluggish because we try to carry our burdens alone. But You Lord are our Burden-Bearer. You instruct us to come to You, to cast our cares upon You for You care for us. Oh, how You care! You love us with sweet tenderness, yet defend and protect us fiercely. You are an awesome God — great in all Your ways.

We yearn to know You more — to trust and rely on You as our first thought when we face difficulties. Forgive us when we try to figure things out ourselves first and then run to You as an afterthought.

You are teaching me that resting in You, waiting on You, and making You my first love is where I learn to trust with abandon. It’s where I learn of Your sovereignty which, in itself, commands me to trust You and not be afraid or overwhelmed.

I ask that You make this Truth a reality in the hearts of Your children who long to love You with all of their heart and soul and mind and strength. Encourage them in their faith-walk, filling them with hope, bathing them in Your perfect peace.

Great are You, Lord and greatly to be praised! We love You.

In Jesus’ Name, I pray,



Please don’t carry your burdens alone. I would be honored to pray with you.

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