“My heart has heard You say, ‘Come and talk with me.’ And my heart responds, ‘Lord, I am coming.'” ~ Psalm 27:8, NLT

Life had become a whirlwind. Overwhelming fatigue set in, papers piled high on my desk, emails sat unattended in an overcrowded inbox. I felt pulled in every direction, dislocated between my body, mind and spirit.

I felt the internal shift – I knew the moment it occurred. You know the one. It screams condemnation for not doing enough. It thrusts you into the sea of frustration and drowns you beneath waves of pride that spout self-sufficiency, not God-dependence. It’s actually very ugly. I believe it’s called sin. Yep, sin. And I believe the Lord says it is a stench in His nostrils. Ewww…

I wallowed deeper and deeper until I had dug quite a pit for myself. Beneath me was a quagmire of self-doubt, disillusionment, and irritation. I pouted as I wallowed. I wallowed as I pouted. And then I looked up – up to the heavens, up to the beautiful face of my God.

He was waiting for me.
My heart heard Him say, “Come and talk with me.”
I replied, “I’m coming, Lord! I’m coming.”

I fell to my knees, right then, right there in the middle of my study. “God, forgive me for being so obstinate. I am so sorry that I categorized you into a compartment that looked like all the rest of my to-dos. Hide me in the shadow of Your wings. Fill me with Your peace. It is not by my might, Lord, nor by my power, but by Your Spirit and Your Spirit alone that I can accomplish all that You have given me to do. Set me free from these chains that hold me back.”

I knelt quietly before Him. His Presence washed over me and captured me with His love. His forgiveness permeated my soul and carried me to a place of peace.

Father, we often put You on a shelf when life becomes crazy. The spot we select for You is a place of honor, but it is removed from the core of our being. You become a to-do instead of the object of our affection. Forgive us, Lord. forgive us for surrendering to the spirit of complacency or for bowing to the god of busyness. You alone are God. You alone are the great King over all the earth. You know us by name. Even when we wreak of sin You still call to us to come and talk with You. Your love is amazing. We give You honor and glory and praise.
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