“Then Jesus said, ‘Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.'” ~ Matthew 11:28, NLT

May these words bring you peace and reassurance today…


“O My child, rest in Me.
Yes, quietly settle down in My care, as a bird settles in a nest.
For I am watching over you, and in love I will care for you.

“There is no danger with which I am unable to cope.
There is no enemy too formidable for Me to handle.
I am able to carry out all My purposes,
And to keep you at the same time.

“Be not afraid;
Neither allow terror to strike at your heart.
My power is at your disposal.
My presence stands around you,
And nothing can harm you so long as you are in My care,
And that is forever…”
(Come Away My Beloved, by Frances J. Roberts, p.121)

Father, You are so good. Thank You. Teach us to run to You, to open our eyes and see Your face. Help us to settle in Your care. We love You, Lord. You are our all in all, our Savior, our Stronghold, our Counselor and God. Thank You for Your Presence. We rest in Your love.
If you received Morning Glory via email, please go to the Morning Glory page to view a wonderfully peaceful music video by John Michael Talbot. Sweet blessings to you my friend.