Father, As I share the words to this powerful song, I ask that You awaken our hearts to understand who You are – to understand that You are not a puppet that responds like a marionette when we pull the strings. You are the Sovereign Lord, Maker of heaven and earth. You, Lord, are Qedosh Yisrael, the Holy One of Israel. Help us take hold of these truths. Open our eyes to see. Thank You Lord.

What Do I Know of Holy?
by Addison Road

I made You Promises one thousand times.
I tried to hear from heaven, but I talked the whole time.
I think I made You too small, I never feared You at all, no.
If You touched My face, would I know You?
Looked into my eyes, could I behold You?

What do I know of You who spoke me into motion?
Where have I ever stood, but the shore along Your ocean?
Are You fire? Are You fury?
Are You sacred? Are You beautiful? 
So what do I know? What do I know of Holy?

I guess I thought that I had figured You out, I knew all the stories. 
And I learned to talk about how You were mighty to save,
But those were only empty words on a page.
Then I caught a glimpse of who You might be,
The slightest hint of You brought me down to my knees.


What do I know of Holy?
What do I know of wounds that will heal my shame and a God who gave life its name?
What do I know of holy, of the One who the angels praised?
All creation knows Your name on earth and heaven above.
What do I know of this love?

So what do I know of You?


Lord, what do I know, what do I know of holy?

Holy. Qadosh (Kah-dosh): set apart, dedicated to sacred purposes, clean, morally or ceremonially pure. Holiness is separation from everything profane and defiling. Holiness is to be dedicated to everything holy and pure. ~ Spirit Filled Life Bible Commentary

“And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, ‘Speak to all the congregation of the children of Israel, and say to them: “You shall be holy, for I the Lord your God am holy.”‘” ~ Leviticus 19:1,2


Precious readers, I am attending the Writer’s ADVANCE Boot Camp this weekend at Billy Graham’s, The Cove. I would cherish your prayers during this time. I’m meeting with an agent who is interested in my work. Yay God! Thank you.
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