I sought refuge on our front porch. Surrounded by the velvety scent of crimson roses, I rocked in the swing, soothed by its swaying motion. I pictured myself cradled in the arms of my Daddy God. Oh, how I needed His comfort and the reassurance of His care. I needed, once again, to know in my knower that He is, indeed, God.
I rocked in silence. Riding in on the gentle breeze was a tiny hummingbird. I watched as he hovered beside the sweet nectar of his feeder. He cocked his head back and forth in obvious delight.
And then I noticed a very important detail.
As the hummingbird approached the feeder, he seemed to bow. Really. His back arched and, if you could imagine a waist on the little guy, that is where his body bent forward. That simple motion put him in the perfect position to receive his nourishment.

Hmmm….I think there is a God-moment here.
Maybe there’s something to that bowing position.
I began to think.
Am I humbling myself before a Mighty God? In my frustration and despair am I questioning the redemptive work of the cross? Am I discounting Who my God is? OR – this is a tough one – does my frustration and despair paint a picture of a prideful heart? Does it reflect a hidden arrogance questioning why God isn’t fixing my problem?
I know. Ouch!
“Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up. ~ James 4:10

The Greek word for humble is tapeinoo (tap-eye-nah-oh). It “describes a person who is willingly submitted to God and His will” (commentary, Spirit Filled Life Bible).

As I watched the tiny bird, my spirit awakened to God’s lesson. I cried out, GOD, forgive me. Forgive me for submitting to Your will with my mouth, but not entirely with my heart. Forgive me, Lord. Tears filled my eyes. Forgive me, Lord.
The hummingbird zoomed away. I followed it with my eyes and there, before a backdrop of glorious magenta, coral and sunflower yellow, the little guy perched on an electrical wire in front of the house. All I could see was his silhouette against the evening sunset. This tiny little creature stood in stark contrast to the greatness of His Creator. And yet, it was His great Creator that cared for him and met his every need.
But he had to bow before he could receive his sustenance.
Do you know someone who is struggling? Please share this message with them. It is my prayer that the words of my heart will be an encouragement to others.
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