Have you been in a time of waiting? Expecting? Have the moments on your knees turned into hours of weeping as you press into God’s faithfulness and run to Him, your strong tower?

My husband and I have been in a season of waiting. Wondering. Hoping that our prayers were indeed ascending to the throne of our God and pricking His ears. We have been in a season of desperately needing God’s intervention. We’ve been in a season of learning to trust solely in Him.

And the lessons learned are eternal.

The windows of heaven are opening for us. The season of waiting on His divine intervention for our desperate circumstances is ending. As I gave praise to the Lord this morning for His faithfulness, I opened the pages of Frances J. Roberts’, Come Away My Beloved, and read the following:


O My child, I love you, I love you.
Go to the hills and look, for lo, the rain is coming.
The drought is over and past, and the sound
    of rain approaches!
        Yes, I will send showers of blessing
         upon the hearts of my waiting people;
    for before they call, I have prepared an answer,
    and while they are seeking Me,
         I shall come down upon them.

O My child, I love you, I love you.
Lift your eyes to the heavens, for lo, they are filled
     with clouds;
yes, they are heavy with water.
     Get back to the camp.
     Set out the buckets and make preparation;
for already the wind rises, the leaves rustle in the trees;
the birds hasten to their nests, and lo, I come.
     I come to revive and to refresh.
     I come to quicken and to cleanse.

Sweet friend, I encourage you to allow these words of hope and expectation to sink deep into your spirit. Please do not give up. Even before your requests leave your lips to ascend to the Father, He is preparing an answer. His ways are not our ways. His thoughts not as ours. But, on this we can be sure: our God is faithful!

So set out the buckets and make preparation. Your answer is on the horizon. Lo, He sends His grace like rain to pour down on the parched places and restore you. You are loved with an extravagant love, a love beyond comprehension.

When you know you’re loved, you can get through anything. His love binds you to Him. Always.

“Sow for yourselves righteousness; 
Reap in mercy; 
Break up your fallow ground, 
For it is time to seek the Lord, 
Till He comes and rains righteousness on you.” 

Father, I pray for my friend who is desperately clinging to You. Be merciful, Lord. Show Yourself mighty on their behalf. I ask that You open their ears to hear Your whispers of love and hope. Stir up faith within them, a knowing that You will never fail them. Restore them, Lord. Open the windows of heaven and pour out Your blessings on Your child that are too great to contain. Fill them with joy and gladness. In Jesus’ Name I pray, amen.
If you received Morning Glory via email, please visit the Morning Glory  page. I’m featuring Michael W. Smith leading a time of worship singing, “Let It Rain”. This song will usher you to the throne of God and fill you with hope as you wait expectantly for His answer.