I began the morning washing dishes when unexpectedly, tears filled my eyes. “Jesus. Jesus,” I moaned. The tears fell in a tidal motion, ebbing and flowing with the pain of endless days of despair and disappointment. I quickly dried my hands and fell to my knees with the realization of the hardness of my heart. I could see it. My heart had become calloused from lamenting the same troubles over and over again. God was calling me to look past the struggles and see His face, hear His voice, and recognize His Presence.

I had shoved my relationship with Jesus into a nice little corner. I knew He was there, but He was kept at a safe distance. That way I didn’t have to address the issues in my life. I could put on my happy-face mask on Sunday mornings and no one was any wiser to my pain. But, while on my knees, I realized that Jesus wanted so much more for me. He was calling me to Himself.

I grabbed my Bible, sensing a thirst that I had long denied. Turning to Deuteronomy 2:3, I read, “And the Lord spoke to me, saying: ‘You have circled this mountain long enough; Turn northward.'” Turn northward. Step out of the wilderness. The words leaped from the holy pages. God was telling me that the wilderness I had been wandering in had a pathway that led northward towards His throne.

“What do You mean, Lord?’ I asked. “How do I find my way out of this dismal place?”

“In My Presence,” He answered, “in My Word, conversing with Me, singing My praise. I long to be with you, child, but you must be intentional about spending time with Me.”

Sweet friend, I cannot adequately describe the joy that came over me. For the first time I realized that a daily quiet time was not about being disciplined. It has everything to do with love. Relationship. Exchange. Not a legalistic requirement. Elohim, the Creator of the Universe, wants to spend time with us.

Embracing this invitation from the Lord has changed my life. I look forward to my time with Him. I greet Him with expectation, knowing that whatever I am lacking in that moment will be provided. He is healing me, restoring me and giving me purpose.

I wish the same for you. He has been with you through the pain and confusion. Step out of the wilderness. Let Him lead you northward to His throne.

Father, Your grace really is simply amazing. Strip us of our religious ideals and open our eyes to behold Your face. Open our ears to hear You beckoning us to come. Stir up a longing within us that only You can satisfy. Thank You Lord. We love You so much.
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