Surely it will come, but it takes time - God's Time

I wait for the sunrise, for surely it will come. But it takes time. The ebony of night fades into ribbons of lavender swirling through a golden sky, and soon the sun crests the mountain ridge.

Like the darkness morphing into glorious light, so ashes will bring forth beauty.

Sometimes … It Takes Time

Snow is peppering down outside my window, landing softly on the apple blossoms and bright green of freshly born leaves. The conundrum is obvious: Spring begins its unfolding while winter lingers. Spring will surely come in its explosion of color.

But it takes time.

God's timing is perfect, although usually it will take time.

Answered prayer is like this. It requires waiting — waiting with expectant hope. When the need of our heart escapes our lips and travels heavenward, the Lord hears. My heart remembers, “Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass.”

He will do it.

But it takes time.

Are you in a season of waiting? Consider the great oak born of an acorn. The oak tree was within the acorn, but it took a process. It took waiting, knowing that surely the great oak would grace the forest … in God’s perfect timing.

It takes time.

Consider the rose, branches stark and bare in the cold of winter. The bush is dreadfully bare.

But then the warmth of spring’s sunshine and showers of refreshing rain, nurture this barren plant and soon buds begin to form. The promised rose is maturing, waiting on its Creator’s perfect timing, growing in the process of waiting.

And then one bright morning, dew glistens on the glorious crimson petals of the new blossom that had been there within the stark, bare branch all along.

God’s Perfect Timing is Worth Waiting For

I’ve heard it said that sometimes God takes a long time to do something suddenly. Our prayers do not fall on deaf ears. Before the words have escaped our lips the Lord is activating His response.

But it takes time.

God’s perfect timing.



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