Great is Thy Faithfulness, O Lord my Savior.

Great is Thy Faithfulness, O Lord my Savior.

Great is Your faithfulness Lord — so great. Your love reaches to the heavens, Your mercy to the lowest valley. If I lifted my voice in praise from morning til night, it would not be enough to tell You how much I appreciate You and love You.

Life is very hard right now, but You are with me — You have never failed me. You meet my needs. You wipe my tears. You remind me that I am not alone.

You remind me that I belong to You.

I ask that You reveal Yourself to those who are overwhelmed and distraught. Open their eyes to see You in the beauty of Your holiness, in the tenderness of Your care. Open their ears to hear Your sweet whispers calling them to come to Your embrace. You, Lord, are our peace. You are our courage, our strength, and our song. Yes, You are!

But we must be still long enough to hear Your voice. Teach us to be still, to cease striving. Help us remember the events and times of Your faithfulness, Your intervention, Your miraculous provision. May we never forget Your goodness or take it for granted.

Thank You for being our God. Thank You for being our anchor when everything else is shifting sand. We trust You Lord. We depend on You and forever we give You praise.


Please don’t carry your burden alone. I would be honored to pray for you.

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