This I know: my flesh stinks. Thank God for His grace.

This I know: my flesh stinks. Thank God for His grace.

Lord, my thoughts are all over the place, but I know in my knower that You are my anchor, my sure place. You provide the constant rhythm of grace I need — You make it available, but I must take time to gather it. Forgive me for those times I fail to do so. It’s so easy to walk by sight, fully engaged in the flesh, but walking by faith takes work.

This I know … my flesh stinks.

I’m learning to die to self and I’m learning that when I become less, You become more. When I decrease, You increase. I’m so thankful for these lessons and I bless Your Name for teaching me.

But then there are days like this.

Please forgive me for my snarky thoughts. My tongue is sore from biting it. Thank You for the self-control not to speak my mind, but please forgive me for my thoughts that were not of You. Renew my thoughts by the power of Your Word. I bring them captive to Your Lordship because I so desire to please You in all things, especially the difficult places.

I know others drifting away from Your rhythm of grace, not because they want to, but because sometimes it’s hard to stand … and to keep standing. Sometimes it’s easier to surrender to the enemy’s taunts and drift away from You into the difficult place wrapped in all its ugly.

Make them strong, Lord. Courageous. Of sound mind reinforced with fortitude and resolve. Remind them that they belong to You and they are heirs to Your promises — promises of peace, provision, protection, joy. Please remind me of the same.

You, the Lord, are our portion forever. You are all we ever need.

In Jesus’ Name I pray,



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