All creation proclaims the glory of God! Why not me?

Bursts of copper and ruby red mingle with the green boughs of the hemlocks. Russet-colored leaves blanket the path, crunching and crackling beneath my feet. A bluejay bounces from branch to branch, chatting as he goes. I watch him flick his head back, and stretch his robe of cobalt blue as he proclaims the glory of God to the heavens.

Unending Praise for the Creator

A gust of crisp autumn air caught the outstretched arms of a maple. In unison, its flaming fingertips began to sway back and forth, back and forth. The worship, is tangible. The occasional clap can be heard from the gathering of trees shadowing the one caught dancing before the Lord.

I walk this path — this magnificent country road — daily. And daily I watch as all creation proclaims the glory of God, giving Him exuberant praise, rejoicing that their Creator lives.

On a foggy fall afternoon, praise resounds.

Unending praise for the Creator

In the steady drizzle of a summer shower, praise rises above the rain.

In winter’s cold and barren shades of brown, praise still finds a way.

Sapphire skies of sunny spring days declare glory and honor to Adonai, the Lord over all the earth.

Unending praise. Forever praise. Praise that caresses life itself and interjects the Presence of God. For in our praise, the eyes of the lowly are opened to behold Him. In our praise, the brokenhearted melts into the hands of the Comforter.

In our praise, the heart of His child joins in the wonder that the Creator of the Universe knows her by name.

All of Creation Proclaims the Glory of God, Even in Difficulty

Through all seasons. Through the fire and the wind. Through the joy and brokenness, all of creation proclaims the glory of God.

Unending praise for the One who alone is worthy.

“Give unto the Lord the glory due to His name; Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.”  ~ Psalm 29:2



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