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How to Resist Satan and Not Become His Lunch

We’ve adopted a stray cat, Emily. She is shaped like a raccoon, walks with a hitch in her left hip, has half of a white mustache on her orange and black shag-rug-from-the-seventies fur. Little did I know this precious, misfit kitty was going to give me a lesson on how to resist Satan.

Birdfeeders outside our window see a flurry of activity, especially in the mornings. An array of birds take turns swooping in for a breakfast treat, singing their merry songs, chattering away the lingering darkness. My heart smiles as I sit quietly to watch.

This morning Emily discovered the birds.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ A Battle in The Sky

… To my left, coming from the forest line across the river, an aerial battle ensued. A bird the size of a sparrow chased a huge raven. Like a fighter pilot she dive-bombed her enemy, flew circles around him and swooped down across his back. Her enemy was clearly on the run.

Nan, that’s how I want you to handle your enemy. Be fierce. Courageous. Don’t bow to him. Resist him in My Name and you will find victory. Don’t be afraid because I am with you and don’t give in to the weariness Satan wants to overwhelm you. I AM your strength …

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When God Races Upon the Wind to Save His Child

As I peered out the window toward the setting sun, the wall of clouds darkened, shadowed by the twilight. The wind began to rise. There was a surging now — an urgency — like dust billowing and swirling around stampeding hooves.

I could sense God’s Presence. His protective watchcare. Even with trepidation building in my heart, I knew I was not alone. God was with me just as He has been with me through the storms of brokenness that swirl and billow across my weary spirit.

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