The eBook is out! Diamonds in the Light will inspire you to reach deep into your soul and discover the God-given gifts within. It will instill courage to say “yes” to the calling of God. Jewel Williams, founder and “sister-extraordinaire” of Jeweled Ministries, has worked hard to shine a light on several of us who are leading ladies in ministry. Diamonds in the Light not only showcases us, but features writings from each of us that will encourage you to step out in faith to embrace the purposes of God on your life. Diamonds in the Light is free and may be downloaded at

Jewel answered a few questions for you:

What inspired you to collaborate with these specific eight women to create Diamonds in the Light? Each of these women is a community leader, author and/or speaker whose desire is to give to their community using their personal resources and knowledge-base to help other women to be empowered and successful. For about a year, these ladies represented Jeweled Ministries as Reigning Jewels because they truly take to heart the meaning of living the life of Royalty according to the word. Moreover, these ladies are women who demonstrate faith and strength in their everyday walk leaning not on their past but moving forward to help others.

Why did you name the ebook Diamonds in the Light? Diamonds in the Light, reminds me of what it takes to be considered a diamond. All of the physical jewels in the world are mined and their purity is determined before they can achieve the name of a diamond, sapphire, ruby, etc. A diamond must be pure in nature and must meet specific qualifications. These ladies have met the ultimate qualification of being Christian; they truly work (mine) daily to reach many other women. They use the “light”—God’s word—as their guide.

Describe briefly the eight pieces of work contributed in the compilation. Their writings include a personal testimony, story, or poem to give encouragement to other women. In their work they demonstrate that you don’t have to have a fancy title, book, or media platform to be a Reigning Jewel; you can just live by the Word and continue to have faith in all that you do.

What do you want the readers to receive from Diamonds in the Light? I want the readers to receive their ultimate gift…the appreciation of life. Too often the focus is on what one has not accomplished, but what we need to see and appreciate is that we have accomplished much through our unwavering faith by believing that no matter what…we are here for one purpose and that is to be true vessels that can be used to spread the good word. And that is what these ladies have done in their writings as Diamonds in the Light.

Where can one purchase the ebook? The ebook is FREE. You have heard it right! The book is free, because these ladies and I want to have women across the nation and internationally to be empowered by their words and achieve success with unwavering faith. You can download the book at and if you would like to learn more about Jeweled Ministries, you can visit,

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