dance in the presence of the Lord

A gentle breeze ruffled the blades of grass in the afternoon sun. They swayed. Bowed down — a spontaneous dance in the presence of the Lord as He walked on the wings of the wind. Red poppies and blue chicory lifted their faces to the sun, points of glory scattered across the field.

How Can We Not Dance in the Presence of the Lord?

“The grass withers, the flower fades, But the word of our God stands forever.” ~ Isaiah 40:8, NKJV

All flesh is like the grass. The Lord breathes on His children. We sway in His presence. Bow down. Dance with delight in the presence of the Lord.

dance in the presence of the Lord

But, like the grass, our flesh will one day wither and die. The glory of man, like a flower, will fade and bow down, our time of beauty over.

But is it? Is the beauty of our lives over as we transition from the shell of our bodies into our eternal home?

God’s Word endures.

The Angel of the Lord greets us at eternity’s threshold and walks us across the emerald grass of heaven swaying, bowing in the gentle breeze of God’s breath.

His presence is tangible. Glory abounds. And we, clothed in our heavenly bodies, join in the dance. Fully alive. Fully engaged. Fully in love with our God.

His Word endures forever.

Will You Dance Before Him?

Come, let us worship and bow down before the Lord, our Maker. We are His people, the sheep of His pasture. Let the whole world stand in awe at the glory of our God!



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