Tell discouragement, "The Lord of hosts is His name!"

Tell discouragement, “The Lord of hosts is His name!”

Just took a brisk walk with Blue up to the meadow and back. It’s bitter cold outside today. Wind howling. Millions of tiny snowflakes swirling.

Discouragement tried to take over my thoughts the past few days. It showed in my hunched-over shoulders as I pressed into the wind.

A loved one is very sick. Finances, in the natural, will never be able to stretch enough to cover Christmas, a Christmas wedding, and medical expenses. (Even though I know that I know God has never failed us, sometimes the flesh kicks in with worry.)

And my daughter’s healing from knee surgery seems to be going backwards for some reason — unbearable pain, the threat of returning drop-foot … and she’s the one walking down the aisle December 22nd.

Please pray for her.

I know I’m not alone.

The holidays seem to come bedazzled with extra stress, don’t they? Most of the time that comes from unrealistic expectations we impose on ourselves, but sometimes the added stress is very real as we face impossible situations — situations of loss, heartbreak, or fear that consumes us with worry.

That’s the stress that had me hunched over with discouragement.

And this is what the Lord showed me as I hunkered down against the howling wind and swirling snowflakes:

He is with me, just as He is with you.

Like a mighty rushing wind,* the Spirit of God is moving obstacles out of our way. He is parting the Red Sea with His powerful breath preparing a way for us to cross over.*

He is breathing the breath of life on the dead places.* With power. With compassion. With mercy.

And His Presence goes with us as He rides on the wings of the wind.*

The LORD God of hosts is His Name!*

Do you love Him today? Are you facing a Red Sea or unbearable pain? The Lord our God is with you and He is for you. Never will He leave His child. In times of discouragement He draws ever nearer.

Consider the wind.

And the snowflakes that fall like crystal grace bathing us in His remarkable love, strengthening our weary spirits, and reminding us He is God.

Consider those as well.

For where His Presence is, you will find abundant grace to sustain and uphold you through the difficult places.

His grace really is amazing.

Once I returned home, I noticed a boost of energy in my step. The burdens had lifted. The joy of my salvation had returned.

I knew that I knew I had been in the Presence of the Lord.


* Acts 2:2, Exodus 14:21-22, Ezekiel 37:9,  2 Samuel 22:11, Amos 4:13


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