by Nan Jones  @NanJonesAuthor

It was a reflective sort of day. Snowflakes drifted through the gentle breeze of heaven’s breath, descending to add stitches to the white comforter covering the barren earth. Stillness. Quiet world. I rested beneath the coziness of my favorite blanket, cuddled in the warmth of God’s love.

My heart opened a little, hungry for His touch. Difficulties had chiseled away much of its beauty leaving it beating in a giant heap of broken granite-like stone. I tried to guard it. Really, I did. Some days I found success. Most days I tried only to keep it beating.

But there was something about these snowflakes. The conditions outside were harsh. Cold to the bone. Trees stripped to stand like dark skeletons against the winter’s sky. And yet … yet the snowflakes spoke of beauty. And grace. 

Yes, grace.

That was it.

Beauty can only be found in the surround of anguish because of grace … grace that drifts on the gentle breeze of heaven’s breath; grace that extends from nail-pierced hands. 

I lay captivated by the quiet of the moment as the wonder of Almighty God stirred within me. The wonder. The awe. The grace I take for granted. 

Father, let me rest in the beauty of your grace. You are my Rock. My sure place. You are my shelter in the storm. You are Elohim, the Creator of the Universe and yet You know me by name. There is great wonder in your love. It surpasses all understanding. Open my eyes to see You, Lord.

And Lord, please don’t let me lose my wonder of You. Not ever.

 “Who is like you among the gods, O Lord—
    glorious in holiness,
awesome in splendor,
    performing great wonders?”
~ Exodus 15:11, NLT

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Update on my book!!! I’ve been told that the release date for The Perils of A Pastor’s Wife is slated for June 30th, 2015. I’m so excited and so very thankful. I’m praying the Lord will use this book in a mighty way to encourage my sisters who serve on the front lines of battle alongside their husbands. I cherish your prayers for God’s anointing on this work. Thanks.

If you received Morning Glory via email, please visit the Morning Glory  page. I’m featuring an incredible video titled “Don’t Lose The Wonder.” It’s a gentle reminder to return to the faith of a child when Jesus took our breath away. I believe you’ll love it.