I find rest in knowing God is sovereign and I can trust Him.

I find rest in knowing God is sovereign and I can trust Him.

I’ve come to appreciate the sovereignty of God.

It’s hard to explain.

When I understand — when you understand — that God is sovereign, then I understand that He’s my constant in an ever-changing world. When I understand and take hold of the fact that He’s the authority in my world and that nothing comes my way without His knowledge, I find peace.

Yes, circumstances may take my breath away momentarily, but then I come back to my center and catch my balance. El Elyon — the Sovereign Lord — is never taken by surprise by anything that happens to His child. He’s aware of the difficulty or injustice long before it appears on our path. El Elyon has eternal purposes in all things, and He always has a plan. He rules supremely over all things.

You’re going to laugh — I hope you laugh. As I considered these thoughts, from somewhere deep within my memories I heard the following: “Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.” Are you old enough to remember that line? It’s the opening line of the NBC soap opera, Days of Our Lives. Who knows why my brain triggered this response to understanding God’s sovereignty, but hey, why not? Let’s go with it.

I was actually thinking of a puzzle when that memory popped up: like pieces to a puzzle, so is the hand of God arranging our lives. I love the Lord’s sense of humor, and I love how He gives us visuals to understand His lessons of grace. Our days tick away one by one, but unlike the soap opera, our days tick away with purpose. Each grain of sand and each puzzle piece is placed by His sovereign hand, right on time — a perfect fit, with a desired result.

Even the ugly pieces, the odd pieces that don’t seem to fit anywhere, and the pieces that bring us pain.

Recently, after an especially long, grueling day, I felt a familiar tug on my heart. It was the Holy Spirit bidding me to come, wooing me with His love. I sat in His Presence. As I prayed, I listened. I opened my heart and tuned my ear to His voice:

My child, Your hope is in Me, the Creator, the God above all gods. No other is like Me. I ride upon the heavens to help you. My eyes search the earth for those I might strengthen. Yes, your hope is in Me. I will never fail you; I will never forsake you — you are Mine My glories I will reveal. My truth I will impart. You are my precious child, My treasure. I hold you near to My heart, near to My love. Draw near to Me, and I will draw near to you with a response of love and care and surety. I order your steps. I guide you by the Light of My Word. Do not stray to the left nor to the right. No, keep your eyes on Me and I shall direct your paths. You are Mine. I desire your happiness, your joy. Give me your burdens — they are much too heavy for you to bear. You feel so small and insignificant, but never forget: I AM with you and in Me all the earth has its being. I love you, My precious one. You are Mine and I am yours.

He is our God — hallelujah! He is sovereign over all things. When we walk closely with the Lord, we’re completely surrounded by His Presence — we’re living within His love.

We’re safe.

We’re complete.

No weapon formed against us can prosper because no weapon can penetrate His shield.

Amen and amen.


This post is actually an excerpt from my book, The Perils of A Pastor’s Wife,

Chapter 11 ~ If God Be For Me


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