When I face the enemy, God's banner over me is His Love.

When I face the enemy, God’s banner over me is His Love.

“So shall they fear the name of the Lord from the west, and His glory from the rising of the sun; When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard [banner] against him.” ~ Isaiah 59:19

Lord, all week long You have reminded me that You are my Jehovah Nissi — the Lord, my Banner. You have reminded me that when the enemy comes in like a flood — and boy howdy, has he! — You, my Lord, are faithful to raise Your banner against Him.

Help me understand, Lord — to get it in my knower.

Help others who are worn out by the ceaseless spiritual battles understand Your goodness in the midst of these actions.

In my mind’s eye I see You on a white stallion carrying a flag with the King’s insignia on it. As the enemy approaches I see You race to place Yourself between me and him. You lift Your banner high and the flag unfurls. Your emblem of authority meets the enemy with power and might.

Your banner declares that You are our King and we are Yours.

Your banner demands the enemy yield to Your authority.

Your banner declares Your protection over me.

Yes, Lord … Your banner over me is Love.

That’s what it boils down to, isn’t it? All that You are and all that You do is born of Your great love for us.

Thank You Lord.

Seal that Truth into our hearts and minds. Help us wrap our brains around the magnitude of Your love for us — to remember that You are for us, so who can be against us? And that nothing can separate us from Your love — no evil, no disease, no poverty, no heartbreak. Nothing.

That You carry us through the wilderness like a man carries His son.

That when we pass through the waters You are there and we will not drown.

That You speak to the storm and demand, “Peace, be still.” and the wind and rain obey You.

And that when we call on Your Name You race through the heavens, banner rippling in the wind, to face our enemy and proclaim, “Enough! Be gone!”

Thank You Lord.

You are the Mighty God, awesome in power, doing wonders.

You are a good, good Father and we adore You.

In Jesus’ Name I pray,



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