A Prayer of Advent

“O God You are my God; Early Will I seek You [I will make room for You in my heart]; My soul thirsts for You; My flesh longs for You in a dry and thirsty land where there is no water.” ~ Psalm 63:1

Lord, Your love, Your grace, Your mercy astounds me. The lengths You go to make Yourself known to us is staggering. Teach us the necessity of reciprocating that relationship — to make room for You in our hearts, making time to seek You first.

Draw Us Nearer to You, Lord

The very essence of Christmas is celebrating Your birth. You came to earth so that we could know You. Yet, there is nothing about being still during this busy season. Shoot! We can barely find time to worship corporately, much less sit quietly before You, making You a priority.

It frustrates the daylights out of me, Lord.

Christmas was not meant to be chaotic.
Christmas was not meant to be chaotic.

Expectations. Commitments. Crazy schedules. Financial burdens.

How did this happen? It must sadden You so much. Please forgive us — please forgive me!

I want to make room for You in my heart regardless of how hectic the Christmas season becomes.

I want to remember the simplicity of the manger, the holiness of the moment, the majesty of Your love.

Remind me of what Christmas is all about. Turn my eyes on You so that only Your expectations of me matter.

I ask that You bathe my home in Your grace. Fill my family to overflowing with Your great love as You become our focus, and not the world’s hooplah. As for me and my house, we will serve You, Lord.

I Choose to Make Room for You, Jesus

We will make room in our hearts for You this Christmas.

I will make room to seek Him first this Christmas.
I will make room to seek Him first this Christmas.

We will celebrate You and make Your Name known.

For You are good. You are faithful and true. You take our difficult places and make them beautiful in Your time.

O come Emmanuel and rescue us from ourselves. Draw us into Your presence this Christmas and make us more like You.

In Jesus’s Name I pray,



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