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Nancy LaPointe, Guest blogger   @NancyLaPointe3

Have you ever struggled with wondering who you are? Have you found your identity in Christ or have you chosen to stand your ground and try it alone? What is our identity in Christ, anyway? My friend, Nancy LaPointe shares her struggles to answer these thought-provoking questions. Her testimony will challenge each of us to reflect on heart attitudes that determine the direction our lives will take. I know your heart will be impacted by the transparency and gained wisdom of her testimony.

Welcome Nancy!

Slowly coming fully awake, I scanned the sterile, white hospital room. I began to have the realization that my recent dream of peacefully walking beside a lake was as far from reality as one could wander. The truth was that my life was in shambles and my inner desire was more apt to be a vision of myself jumping into that lake, rather than walking calmly beside it. It’s sometimes ironic to look at life’s history and choices and compare that to logic. I was raised well. I was taught strong morals, ethics and Christian values. Somewhere in my early adult years, I allowed the enemy of my soul to partner with the weak things of my flesh and lead me down a path of destruction.

Why do we find that taste of rebellion to be sweet and the lure of the world to be so much more exciting than the narrow way of Christ? It’s a malady not restricted to the young. Some of us just have to learn things the hard way. It’s not all about intentional sin though. What I learned, and am continuing to learn, is that it’s also about a deeper emptiness that draws comfort from anything that fills the vacuum. When I cannot fully believe in myself or the promises of God about who I am —in Him—I am literally choosing to go it alone.

Understanding my identity in Christ has changed my life. When my doctor came into the room that morning and sat down to talk, he will never know what influence he had on the frazzled young woman in that bed. He basically said to me that I was facing a defining moment, where I would either take one path or the other, and the choice was up to me. But, if I chose the wrong one, I might not live to see my child grow up. My health was seriously challenged from stress, fear, abuse, lack of sleep, eating poorly, and the tensions of my spiritual battle within.

I praise God that His hand was never off my shoulders. He allowed me to be abused, even to become quite ill. Some people might deny God’s part in that, but, as the all knowing and all loving Father that He is, He allows us to learn from our mistakes, while He gently guides us back on track. When I made the decision to turn things around, He brought new people into my life who helped me begin to understand that my identity with Jesus in me gives me the power to overcome anything. As Christians we carry that power inside us, but if we don’t comprehend its value and potential, we will not appropriate it to the point of walking in victory over our darkness.

We must know Him on an intimate level, not just know about Him. He longs to guide our decisions, our passions and yes, even our battles in the world. He never leaves us or forsakes us. It is a partnership in many ways. He is Sovereign, He is in control, but our surrendered soul must cooperate by joining with Him as He lifts us out of the mire. We can quote verses about our confidence in Him, but only our daily lives reveal the level of which we really believe it. We are created with purpose and a future which He already has planned. It’s our choice whether to align ourselves with that power or not.

I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened  
in order that you may know the hope to which He has called you, 
the riches of His glorious inheritance in His holy people, 
and His incomparably great power for us who believe. ” 
~ Ephesians 1:18-19
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LaPointe is a retired pastoral counselor and ordained pastor. She has
written for newspapers, newsletters, blogs, and magazines for about
twenty years, always with a focus on the power of God’s healing. Leading
women’s retreats and Bible studies, she is passionate about helping
people find emotional healing and learning to walk in freedom. Nancy
enjoys living with her family in the beautiful mountains of New Mexico.

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