Burton shuffles into the sanctuary. His body leans on a walker for stability; his eyes look to the cross for strength. A face-mask guards Burton’s cancer-ridden body against infection. Jesus guards his heart against fear.

Burton’s eyes twinkle, revealing a sincere smile of joy beneath the white gauze of the mask.

Though wracked with pain and debilitated by fatigue, this precious man of God finds his way to our place of worship each Sunday morning. Many times during the service he will cradle his head on the church pew in front of him, resting for just a bit – ears always tuned to the Word of God.

I see Jesus in Burton.
I experience God’s peace when I speak to Burton.
I find tangible evidence of God’s faithfulness when I consider Burton’s refuge in his storm.

Isaiah 60:1 reads, “Arise, shine; For your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.”

Read this again. Slowly. Let it sink deep within.

“…for the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.”

I believe it is the Glory of the Lord that I recognize in my friend. A.J. Russell speaks of the Glory of the Lord in God Calling*, “The Glory of the Lord is the Beauty of His Character…the Glory of the Lord is also risen upon you when you reflect that Glory in your lives, when in Love, Patience, Service, Purity whatever it may be, you reveal to the world a something of the Father, an assurance that you have been with your Lord and Savior.”

Burton knows the One in whom he has believed. He spends time with his Savior. He drinks of the Living Water. Daily. He absorbs the Light of God’s Presence. Even in facing imminent death, Burton is alive with the Spirit of God.

And in so doing, the Glory of the Lord is revealed.

Oh, that I would do the same. 

*Russell, A.J., God Calling (New York: Dodd, Mead, & Company, 1945).

Father God, May others see Jesus in me. May the trials of this life reveal Your Presence in me. Be glorified in me, Lord. Mold me into Your image. I pray that You will use me to draw others to Your amazing grace. Praise You Lord. You alone are worthy to  be praised.
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