by Nan Jones   @NanJonesAuthor

I awoke with the dawn. In the blurred haze between twilight and the sun’s morning nod, a symphony of songbirds heralded God’s faithful light.

The Spirit called to me. I tried to shush Him, but He persisted. With a slight groan I shuffled to the coffeepot and found my way to our porch swing. I curled my legs under me, pulled my robe tighter, and closed my eyes. The melody of the birds was ethereal. Peaceful. My thoughts quieted. My shoulders relaxed. I breathed in God’s Presence.

Yes, with desperation, I breathed in God’s Presence. His strength. His peace. His comfort.

Several crows swooped in and perched in the top of our century-old Juniper. Like the shrill whistle of a train, mocking caws interrupted my morning symphony. The songbirds perched quietly. Watching. Waiting – waiting for the invading cacophony to end their intrusive noise.

Lord, please send the crows away. I need to hear Your song in my night.

Rocking quietly, I leaned into the back of the swing thinking about God’s faithfulness, recognizing the enemy’s intrusion into His song – my song.

“Crows, leave in Jesus’ Name, ” I spoke into the growing light of dawn, aiming my authority at the audacity of the crows to interrupt my gift from heaven. The caws ceased. Black silhouettes lifted into the dawn and flew away. 

Like the gentle swell of an ocean’s wave, my symphony continued and peace resumed.

“Therefore submit to God. 
Resist the devil and he will flee from you. 
Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” 
~ James 4:7,8a

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