“Righteousness will go before Him, and shall make His footsteps our pathway.”
(Psalm 85:13)

This scripture evokes childhood memories which take me back to a time spent at the beach with my family. Daddy led the pack, guiding us over the dunes, through the scorching sun, all the way to the cool mist of the ocean spray. Perfectly formed footprints etched in the sand provided a secure place for my tiny feet to land, safe from the ever-present sand-spurs along the trail.

I want you to use your imagination and picture your Daddy God – Abba, Father – leading you on the path chosen for your life. Can you see His footprints, clearly formed, imprinted by His power, forged by His love?

Child of God, He IS guiding us, leading us on our journey. But we have to stay close behind Him. If we let up on our determination to follow and slacken our pace, distance may fall between us. I fear that the harsh winds will scatter the sand and muddle His prints. The clarity of our path may fade.

We need to follow close enough that we can reach up and take His hand when the path becomes steep. His footprints need to be fresh and clear so that we avoid unnecessary pain that comes from missteps.

As you move in and out of your daily routine today, picture the sure and steadfast footprints of the Lord going before you, guiding and leading you into all Truth.

Enjoy being a child. Let your Daddy God lead the way.

Father, once again You have helped me understand Your truth through images that make sense to me. Thank You, Lord. Oh how I want to feel like a child again. I want to trust You with the direction my life is taking. Help me stay close behind You, not caught up in distractions that slow me down. I’m going to stay so close that whenever I feel unsure I can reach out and touch the hem of Your garment. I can see it now blowing in the breeze, revealing Your leather sandals blazing the trail before me. Thank You, Lord.