“I have come as a light to shine in this dark world, so that all who put their trust in Me will no longer remain in the dark.” ~ John 12:46, NLT

We crested the golden hill of locust trees and crunched our way through a path of our own making. Moss-covered logs had fallen like dominoes. Scraggly limbs seemed to bend intentionally over our trail so as to hinder our movement. The sun was beginning to settle in its Western cradle, signalling that we would soon need to head for home.

Just beyond the meadow, an abandoned barn stood proudly in a grove of oak trees. It’s wood seemed stained from the brutal winter storms of the mountain. Streaks of pearly silver revealed the age of the rough-hewn boards. An opening on the south side beckoned us to come in. We stepped into the shadows. The pungent odor of mildewed hay stung our nostrils. I grabbed my son’s hand. I never was comfortable being in a dark place. I needed the comfort of his presence beside me.

We stood quietly for a moment and then, just as sure as the sun was going to set, the Lord revealed a nugget of truth to me. He nudged me to look up. There, through the broken down rafters, a penetrating light streamed through. Wherever there was a crack or a place of brokenness, light from the setting sun permeated the darkness.

“Nan,” He whispered within my heart, “I am like the Light piercing the shadows. This dark barn, blackened with shadows, is like the crevices in your heart where you want to hide from Me and shield Me from the ugliness. But can you see that the Light WILL find a way. Just by its very nature, it will sift through the crevices and reveal what is in the dark. I don’t reveal these things so as to inflict guilt or condemnation. No, I reveal them so that I might cleanse you of all unrighteousness, so that I might heal your broken places and make you whole. You had to look up to witness the light coming through the rafters. You, too, must look up to realize the Light of My love. Look up, My child, look up and behold your God. I am at work in your life. Yield to me that I might fill you with My love and deliver you from the hidden places with My Light.”

I stood in wonder at the greatness of God.

Beth Moore once said, “God desires to permeate every inch of your life and fill up every hollow place with the fullness of His love.”

Will you join me in learning to yield to Him in all things, to bring the darkened corners of our hearts into the healing power of His Light?

Father, we give You praise! Thank You for Your everlasting love that permeates like Light into the darkest corners of our hearts. We long to yield to You in every aspect of our lives, making You Lord, lifting You high for all to see. We long to please You in all things, to reflect Your glory to a hurting world. Work in us Lord, Make us more like You.
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