You are with us always, Lord, especially in the fires of affliction.

“Wherefore glorify ye the Lord in the fires, even the name of the Lord God of Israel in the isles of the sea.” Isaiah 24:15, KJV

O Lord, You are the Most High God, Maker of heaven and earth. You are my God and I praise You.

I worship You.

I adore You, even when I can’t understand — even when the fires of affliction burn hot and seek to destroy me.

Even then.

Because I trust You with all of my heart and I trust You to bring me through the flames unscathed. I know that You do all things well and when I cannot trace Your hand, I can always trust Your heart.

But it’s no lie, Lord. The fire is hot and the flames frighten me.

The fires of affliction are hot, Lord, but I will glorify Your name no matter what.

They are painful and rob me of my sleep. They lick at my mind tempting me with thoughts that are not from You — thoughts of fear and doubt, despair, and discontent. Please forgive me, Lord.

Help me bring my thoughts captive to You where they can do my spirit no harm.

I will not bow down to the snare of the enemy — I will glorify Your holy Name in the midst of this fiery trial. I will proclaim Your goodness to those I encounter — Your faithfulness, Your love that has never failed me.

I will declare the comfort of Your abiding Presence that surrounds me in the fires of affliction.

For You are Lord.

Your goodness and mercy follow me all the days of my life — even into the fires of affliction.

Especially in the fires of affliction.

You draw near to the brokenhearted and those crushed in spirit. Like a mother hen, You hide us beneath the safety of Your wing until the calamity passes us by, protecting us from the flames.

What amazing grace that the Lord would never leave our side in the fires of affliction.

Lord, what have we done to deserve such grace that You would stay with us through the fire and we would not be burned? Your grace really is amazing. Your abiding Presence gives me courage — makes me brave to face my tomorrows.

Bless You, Lord. I glorify Your Name for You alone are worthy of all praise.

In Jesus’ Name I pray,




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