It's always best to keep your eyes focused on Jesus when You're expecting rain and there is no cloud.

“Elijah (to Ahab): You should go fill your belly with food and water. I hear a heavy rain coming. Ahab did as Elijah instructed and went to eat and drink. Elijah journeyed to the peak of Mount Carmel. There he bowed down on the ground and placed his head between his knees. Elijah (to his servant) Go now, and look in the direction of the sea.

Servant (returning to Elijah)I did as you asked, and there is nothing in the direction of the sea. Elijah gave him the same instruction seven times, “Go back, and look in the direction of the sea. The servant did as Elijah requested each time; and on the seventh time, he told Elijah, “A minuscule cloud, as tiny as the hand of a man, is ascending from the sea.”

Elijah: Go quickly, and give a message to Ahab for me: “Prepare your chariot, and leave quickly before the rain gets torrential and keeps you from traveling.” The sky became filled with dark monstrous clouds, the wind grew wild, the heavy rain fell, and Ahab traveled quickly in his chariot to Jezreel.” ~ 1 Kings 18:41-45

Are You Expecting Rain in a Season of Drought?

Lord, You search me and know me. You know all my anxious thoughts, my dreams, my desires. You know I’m expecting rain in my season of drought.

And You know I’m trying hard to walk by faith and not by sight.

I’m expecting. I’m praying. I’m waiting. And I’m searching for the cloud that will refresh and replenish and fulfill my dreams. But I don’t see it.

Did I miss what You were saying to me?

Lord, I choose Your will over my own, even while I'm expecting rain.

My spirit says no, I heard You correctly. My flesh just shakes its head in disbelief and frustration. But, I choose to listen to my spirit that knows You well, that recognizes Your still, small voice. I choose to listen to my spirit that is infused with faith.

My eyes are on You, Lord. My heart trusts You as I pray expectant prayers. I know You hear the cries of Your children.

And I know You respond.

While I wait, Lord … while my friends wait … on answered prayers, I ask that You help us keep our eyes stayed on You. I ask that You remind us to rest in Your sovereignty knowing that Your ways are not our ways, and Your thoughts are not our thoughts.

And help us rest with complete peace knowing that sometimes Your answer is no.

We Must Keep Our Eyes on Jesus When We’re Expecting Rain

We don’t like ‘no’, but the longer I walk with You and love You, the more I trust You. I promised You I would pick up my cross and follow You wherever You lead. So … I will continue to pray expectant prayers and dig my ditches in expectation of rain while I wait for Your answer.

I choose Your will over my own, even while I’m expecting rain.

I love you, Lord.

In Jesus’s Name I pray,



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