Wounds of the heart produce bitterness or fruit. It's a choice.

Wounds of the heart can grow bitterness. Ugliness. Anguish, or distress.

Or … wounds of the heart can grow good seeds of grain, crushed to produce life-giving bread to feed others. Deep faith can grow with roots steady and strong. Eyes can open to see abounding grace and the abiding presence of the Lord.

It’s a choice.

A process.

And it’s hard, but it’s worth it.

Wounds of the Heart Fester in the Atmosphere of Discontent

The past couple of years have been difficult for everyone. Deception, Godlessness, racial tension … all have created an atmosphere of discontent, mistrust, disillusionment. Our spirits have suffered. Many of our hearts are wounded.

Wounds of the heart fester in the atmosphere of discontent.

But God has an answer, if we’ll only yield to Him.

Like me, the children of Israel were a stubborn people. Through the prophet Isaiah, the Lord implored them to return to Him.

In returning and rest you shall be saved; In quietness and confidence shall be your strength. But you would not. ~ Isaiah 30:15

“But you would not.”

I’ve been there. Have you? Have you felt so entitled to your pain that you didn’t want to let it go? Have you ever allowed your heart to become calloused from the blisters of wear and tear as you try to figure things out yourself, thinking God has abandoned you or ignored your prayers?

God Won’t Let Go

Are you numb with overwhelm wondering which way to turn, who to trust?

I’ve been there.

But God.

God won't let go.

But God won’t let go. He pursued me with His love! His mercy and grace, so undeserving, washed over me, mingling tears of great sorrow and frustration with tears of thankfulness that the Lord my God loved me still and remained faithful.

Yes, even in my ugliness — He. Loved. Me. Still.

He waits for us to return to Him with our whole heart, and soul, and mind, and strength. We aren’t responsible for everyone else’s behavior — we are only responsible for our own.

So God waits. And while He waits, we learn that He alone is our hope. Our joy. Our peace. In turn, we learn to wait for Him — expectantly. For in the waiting, we learn who He is. We find confidence in His sovereignty. His promises.

We learn to rest in Him.

Out of the Darkness, God’s Light Will Shine

As I thought of my heart condition and the state of the world, a cool breath of wind whispered across my face. I knew it was the Lord. He was teaching me something.

Wounds of the heart can produce light when offered to the Lord.

I leaned back in my rocking chair and peeked through the porch eaves at the November sky. Thunderheads lined the ridge, towering above me.

Behind a particularly ominous cloud, peeked the sun. Just a bit, but enough for me to notice its brightness — just enough for me to remember that, although covered by the storm clouds, the sun remained.

Just like our God. He is steadfast and sure. He has promised to be with us always. The fierce wind of trial race across the earth, but He oversees it all and calls us to Himself. Will you come? Will I? Will I remain faithful to Him as He remains faithful to me?

Out of the darkness, His light will shine. Look up, child! His love remains.



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