A shaft of light broke through the darkened canopy of dusk. It streamed through shades of gray, radiating from the secret places of God. In the twilight hours – that odd place between clarity of day and fear of night – the light tugged at my heart strings. 

I followed its path with my eyes. Its travels ended in a field of grain growing near our mountain home. I noticed the light broadened as it shown down upon the earth, almost like a cone with its pinnacle beginning in heaven. In the circular spotlight I sensed a God-moment.

Darkness was falling all around, yet in the light I saw the stalks of grain dancing in the breeze. Wave after wave of glorious wind rippled through the meadow. The rhythm of the dance called to me. The grain bowed low then gracefully rose again. The movement was fluid. Surrendered. Beautiful.

                                  For behold, 
                          He who forms mountains, 
                             And creates the wind, 
              Who declares to man what His thought is, 
                     And makes the morning darkness,  
               Who treads the high places of the earth – 
   The Lord God of Hosts is His Name
                                              ~ Amos 4:13

Oh that I would yield to the Spirit of God as gracefully as the stalks of grain. I yearn to dance in the twilight hours – that place between the clarity of day and fear of night. I long to honor the Presence of the Lord with my trust and thanksgiving. Surrendered. Beautifully reflecting His love.


Father God, You never cease to amaze me in Your pursuit of Your children. Thank You for loving us enough to go to extra lengths to reveal Yourself to us. Teach us of Your sovereignty. Teach us of Your holiness, Your majesty. There is none like You O Lord. There is nothing that can separate us from Your love. Nothing. No thing. And yes, Lord, it’s gonna be worth it all to see You face to face and to dance in Your Presence for all of eternity. You are an awesome God, full of wonder and might. I praise You Lord. I exalt Your Name on high. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.
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