Sweat trickled down my brow, followed the curvature of my face, and hung like a giant teardrop off the tip of my nose. I wiped it away with a crumpled paper towel. The afternoon was a scorcher. I stopped hoeing to sip on ice cold water. My body was screaming for a reprieve, but the job had to be done. If I didn’t take time to stir up the soil and remove unwanted weeds, my garden could not reach its full potential.

I wanted to give up, but I didn’t.

As the afternoon wore on my fibro fatigue and pain began to set in. I was almost finished – just two more rows of corn to hoe. “Lord, when I am weak, You promise to be strong. I need Your strength to finish Lord. Please help me.”

From behind me, a beautiful melody drifted on the breeze. It came from the direction of the creek. I turned towards the song and searched the sky for my angelic visitor. There on a branch shading the creek perched my warbler. His song carried my thoughts to the Savior. His song made my heart smile, and my body stand a little stronger.

I leaned heavy on my hoe, closed my eyes, and let the heavenly serenade fill my weary spirit. 

The songbird’s praise bathed me with the joy and wonder of the Lord. I was reminded that we are never alone when we are a child of the Most High God. He is with us. Always. 

                                  “Let the field be joyful, 
                                      and all that is in it. 
                            Then all the trees of the woods will
                  rejoice before the Lord.”*

Oh my. Isn’t that a lovely thought? When I heard the bird’s serenade of praise to its Creator, my focus became Jesus. My tired body and weary spirit became secondary. Strength rose within me. Hope surged. 

And peace like a river flowed along the notes of his song, rising and falling on the breeze until it penetrated my heart.

Dear One, in His Presence is fullness of joy.

I pray that we all would open our ears to hear His song.

*Psalm 96:12

Father God, We praise You, for You alone are worthy to be praised. You are mighty! You are full of wonder; Your love knows no bounds. Open our eyes that we might see You in our midst. Open our ears that we might hear Your song. How do we fathom how great You are? Is it possible, Lord? Expand our minds that we might comprehend Your majesty. Awaken our hearts that we might love You more.
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