“And God said to Moses, ‘I AM WHO I AM…'”  ~ Exodus 3:14, NKJV

I learned something new this weekend.
It involves a coy fish.
Did you know (drumroll, please) that if you put a coy fish in a fishbowl it will grow to about 2″ in length, but, if you put that same coy fish in a pond or river it will grow to at least 20″? The same fish.
That got me to thinkin’.
I got to thinkin’ about God.
How many times do we put God into our little fishbowl that we can watch and maintain and control? Or how many times do we take God out of the fishbowl and set Him free to be who He really is in the River of Life and watch Him grow exponentially in the realms of our understanding and in the depths of our relationship with Him? No matter how much we try to define who God is or where He will dwell in our lives…HE IS STILL GOD.
Let me say that again. He is still God: Elohim, the Creator of the Universe. Jehovah-jireh, the God Who Provides. Jehovah-rapha, the God Who Heals. El Roi, the God Who Sees. Jehovah-tsidkenu, The Lord Our Righteousness.
The Great I Am Who I Am.
We cannot change who He is. We can only change the role He plays in our lives. We can try to diminish His majesty in our own minds by defining Him according to our understanding or we can magnify His Presence in our lives by opening our eyes to see.
But we cannot – we must not – try to change Who He is.
He is God alone. The One True God. Maker of heaven and earth. There is none like Him. If we put Him in a fishbowl or if we put Him in a river…there is still none like Him. 
He changes not.

And we must not try to change Him.

Father God, You are too marvelous for words. We cannot contain the fullness of Your glory. We cannot grasp the depth of Your love. You are an awesome God. Thank You for loving us. Thank You for Your mercy, Your faithfulness. Open our eyes that we might see how great You are. Awaken our hearts to love You and to revere You as God – the One True God. You are God alone. We love You Father. We praise You and we glorify Your Holy Name.

I pray that this message will cause each of us to examine our hearts and our relationship with the Lord our God. Are we guilty of making Him fit our requirements or are we seeking to recognize His holiness and His majesty? Tough questions, I know. God is calling His people to open their eyes to see Him, to love Him and to exalt Him. May we all bow before His throne and proclaim, “Hallelujah to the King of kings and the Lord of lords.” Whew…glad I got that off my chest. Sweet blessings to you.

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