Her face spoke clearly of the stress and suffering that wracked her body. Shoulders bent over in defeat. Eyes, familiar with the sparkle of life, glazed over  – the light snuffed out. Tears trickled down cheeks that once knew the rosy blush of powder and rouge, now pale from pain.
“I can’t do this anymore,” she said. “Please don’t pray for me. There is no point. God doesn’t care. If He cared He would have taken this suffering away by now. He would have stopped me from having the surgery.”
Diane’s * shoulders heaved as she sobbed. Surgery three months earlier had resulted in severe, allergic reactions to drugs that left her debilitated. Her life, as she once knew it, faded into the past. 
Hope stood still.
Faith? Her faith was shriveled. Wasted. Crying out to be heard by a Mighty God.
But I saw past the defiance. I saw a heavy heart, a spirit wounded by the onslaught of despair, tarnished with frustration and disappointment. Disappointment in God.
That’s hard to swallow, isn’t it? But haven’t we all been there from time to time?
We believe in a powerful, loving God Whom we can trust to be faithful. We believe in His healing power. We believe the fervent, effectual prayer of a righteous person avails much. We believe…

Diane believed too, but now she sat whimpering as she came to terms with the honesty she had just unleashed on the Lord. I held her in my arms and began to pray. Waves of emotion washed over this precious woman. Sorrow, anger, disappointment, and despair gushed from her heart. The river of pain flowed, slowed to a trickle and then settled into a holy hush. Words from A.J. Russell’s God Calling came to mind and I began to share:

“I will never leave you nor forsake you.” ~ Joshua 1:5, NKJV 
“Never leave. Never forsake. This does not refer only to My Presence. This refers to all that I am. I AM that I AM! My Love will never leave you. My Understanding will never leave you. My Strength will never leave you.”

Diane responded to God’s Word. His Presence soothed her, reassured her and gave her hope. A garment of peace wrapped her in a blanket of love.

Was Diane’s pain over? No. Not her physical pain. But her spirit rose within her and she stretched her hand towards heaven to take the hand of the One Who was there all along.

And a beautiful thing happened. 
Hope was restored. 

*Name has been changed

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