“In the fear of the Lord there is strong confidence, and His children will have a place of refuge.”
(Proverbs 14:26)

This verse is powerful in its simplicity. If we take a moment to really focus on its content, these words can become a milestone in our walk of faith.

What is the fear of the Lord? To fear the Lord means to reverence Him, to acknowledge His authority, His holiness. The fear of the Lord is the acknowledgment that He is the One True God and there is no other like Him.

It has nothing to do with being afraid.
It has everything to do with understanding Who He is in light of who we are.

And that understanding produces a strong confidence.

Confidence in Him as our Savior.
Confidence in Him as our Provider.
Confidence in Him as our Deliverer and Protector.

Confidence. Unshakable faith.

“…and His children will have a place of refuge.”

The Hebrew word used in this verse for refuge is machseh (mahch-seh) meaning “shelter, protection, fortress, a hope.” Machseh is a place of trust; a shelter from the storm.

Oh my goodness! Did you get that? We have a PLACE of refuge – a PLACE of trust and hope. Our Father has provided that for us. Why? Because we are His children and He loves us. It is not a place we earn or even deserve. It is provided because we belong to Him.

Reverence the Lord.
Worship Him in His holiness.
Run to your place of refuge when you need shelter from the storm..

And walk in confidence that He is your God.

Father, You are awesome! You are so approachable and want so much for your children to KNOW You. Teach us, Lord. Open our eyes that we might see and our ears that we might hear the glories of Your Name. Open our hearts to receive Your love – to not question it, but to walk confidently in it. Thank You, Father. We love you.