I searched for the grace of God

I watched a dark cloud on the horizon — the deep charcoal threatening-kind-of-dark cloud. A storm was coming with significant rain and fierce winds. My life was facing a fierce storm, too. As I searched the sky, my heart searched for the grace of God.

Could My Heart Find What it Was Searching For?

A gray veil settled over our mountain hollar as the clouds rolled in, dimming the fresh greens of early summer. I sipped my coffee as I watched the sultry clouds deepen over the ridge.

To my right, down towards the old apple tree, a burst of sunlight made its way through the darkening veil, and I could hear her song — a meadowlark rejoicing in the warmth of the unexpected light.

As the storm approached, I searched for the grace of God.

Her song trilled across the impending darkness — perhaps in spite of the darkness and comforted my restless spirit.

Do you suppose she knew the storm was coming?

Do you suppose her song was spontaneous praise to her Creator?

Or perhaps an exclamation for God’s grace in the moment because the burst of light had strengthened her with its warmth?

I sipped my coffee and rolled these thoughts over in my mind.

My husband’s dementia is growing worse. I know our tomorrows are going to be difficult as we travel uncharted waters. Sometimes I feel afraid. Overwhelmed. I definitely don’t like it.

But I also know my God is with me.

And I will not be afraid.

As the storm approached, I searched for the grace of God.

As the dark clouds settled over us, the first drops of rain began to splash against the leaves of the apple tree. A few drops became a shower and the shower soon became a torrent.

All about the meadowlark, raindrops danced.

I watched. And I thought about grace … especially occurring grace when we praise Him.

Grace falls like rain on the good and the bad, on the difficult places and the places of joy. The grace of God falls because God is faithful — that’s just who He is.

He is El Shaddai, the All-sufficient God who is drawn to our insufficiencies. He completes us with His sufficiency. When I am weak, He is strong. When I am afraid, He is my courage. When I am overwhelmed, He is my peace.

The Grace of God Really is Sufficient

I know the grace of God is sufficient for whatever comes our way. But that doesn’t mean I have to like the difficult place. I don’t. But if I will only look for God’s abiding presence, His light will stream through the darkened places and, like the meadowlark, I will sing His praise.

I will lift my head in defiance to the storm and give thanks to the Lord for He is good and His love never fails.



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