“But now, O Lord, You are our Father; We are the clay, and You our potter; And all we are the work of Your hand.”
(Isaiah 64:8)

I would like for you to pause a moment, then read this passage again, slowly. This is the image of a relationship – a divine relationship, a relationship of purpose, a relationship of love.

Yes, love.

Love sees potential. Love is patient and kind. God’s love molds us and makes us into a vessel of honor for Him – a vessel that He can fill with His love and that we, in turn, can pour out into the world around us.

The following is a poem written by a dear friend of mine, Mid Stutsman. I think her reflective words say it all.

The Potter’s Hands

There I lay, on the Potter’s wheel
Just a lump of clay, yielded, still
Patiently waiting, until I’d feel
The touch of His loving hands!

But, was this His “love”? I wanted to know
As I fell to the wheel, blow by blow
My very heart and thoughts exposed
When He took me into his loving hands!

Then He showed me what was going on
As He took out imperfections, one by one
The molding and shaping had only begun
By those ever loving hands!

So all the while, as the Potter worked
Though progress was slow, and the process hurt
I knew better than my own will to assert
For they were strong, those loving hands!

And I found it wise to be meek and contrite
Just letting Him do what He knew was right
So I’d be a vessel of honor in His sight
When He was through with His loving hands!

Amen? A vessel of honor for Him.

Father, I can see this so clearly. I can picture my life – the lump of clay – placed ever so gently on “Your potter’s wheel”. I can feel the embrace of Your hands as You mold me and make me into Your vessel to be used for Your glory. I want my vessel to be strong and powerful. I want it to be pure so that Your Holy Spirit feels comfortable within. Thank You for Your patience and thank You so much, Lord, for Your love.