“He overturns the mountains at the roots. He cuts out channels in the rocks, and His eye sees every precious thing. He dams up the streams from trickling; What is hidden He brings forth to light.”
(Job 28:9-11)

“What is hidden He brings forth to light.”

As I read these powerful words I couldn’t help but think about the many ways God removes obstacles in our path in order to fulfill His purposes.

Think about it.

“He overturns the mountains at the roots (or the base).” The MOUNTAINS! Are you facing a mountain of debt? A mountain of bitterness? Maybe your mountain looks like years of self-doubt and fear.

God takes that mountain and overturns it at its root cause.

Our Father cuts out “channels in the rocks” that obstruct our journey. How do you suppose He does that? I believe it must be by His Living Water. After all, the Grand Canyon was carved by a river!

But it must be a steady flow.

His Living Water must be constant in our lives. When we drink of God’s Living Water – Jesus – and we do so with consistency and fervor – a path, or channel, is carved out that keeps us traveling on that straight and narrow way.

What is the next sentence? “And He sees every precious thing.” Every PRECIOUS thing! He sees the obstacles, the barriers. He sees our hearts, He knows our thoughts and the things that bind us. He KNOWS what keeps us from becoming a dynamic force for Him.

And sometimes, “He dams up the streams from trickling.” Why? Why would God dam up a stream in our life? Maybe because it is only “trickling” as a stream rather that flowing as a river. Hmmm…Maybe He brings that little trickle to a halt so He can get our attention. His Word says, “What is hidden He brings forth to light.”

Sometimes we have a hidden secret or attitude or fear that is blocking the flow of the Holy Spirit in our lives. We may think it is only a “grain of sand” but, that one grain can collect another and another and suddenly, there are sticks and stones lodged in that sand, preventing the flow of God. Our river becomes a trickle.

And God says, “Hold it! We are going to remove that tiny piece of hidden sand that started this entire obstruction. I am going to shine my Light on your darkness, remove the clog so that you, dear child, can flow like a mighty rushing river carrying My life and love to a hurting world.”

And THAT is the love of God!

Praise Him!

Bless You, Father. How we love the righteous work You perform within us – not necessarily the process of righteousness, but definitely the end result. You are loving and kind, merciful and compassionate. Thank You for seeing who we really are when we cannot see past the failures and inadequacies. Help us to surrender our fears to You as You expose our “clogs” to Your Light. We desire to surge and swirl and flow endlessly with Your love and purpose.