“And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.”
(Galatians 6:9)

I have loved this verse for years. Often, when I’m working hard on something or standing firm in my faith believing for a miracle – and NOTHING seems to be happening – I am reminded of these promise-filled words.

Have you ever wondered what “in due season” really means? The word season stems from the Greek word for time, kairos (kahee-ross) meaning “opportune time, set time, appointed time.”

Did you catch that glimmer of gold from God’s Word? We will see the return on our hard work, our faithful prayers, our steadfast dreams IN THE APPOINTED TIME! God is Sovereign. Before you planted that first seed of hope and faith, God was at work designating the appointed time for the harvest of your seed.

Sometimes we see results immediately.
Sometimes it takes years for the reaping to begin.
But always, the harvest will come.

I have waited since 1992 for the launching of Jubilant Light Ministries, and now, eighteen years later, it is coming to fruition. Morning Glory is part of the ministry of Jubilant Light. I am beginning speaking engagements and I’m looking forward to published bible studies. I look forward expectantly for my seeds to continue to produce a harvest – in His time.

What is your dream? Your faithful prayer request?

God is never late. Nor will He allow a dream or desire to come about prematurely. He is always right on time – His time. His APPOINTED time.

Remember, He is Sovereign. He has all authority and He knows all things. Our job is to trust.

Either we believer Him or not.
Either we take Him at His Word, or not!

Did you plant a seed? Then tuck the knowledge of that planting away with faith and wait expectantly.

Your harvest is guaranteed – in its appointed time.

I love You, Lord. You are SO faithful. When I can’t depend on anything else, I can always depend on You to honor Your Word. Thank You, Lord. Help us to not grow weary and discouraged. When the enemy tries to come in and snatch our seeds of hope and promise, open our eyes to recognize him and to resist him, according to Your Word. You, Lord, are Sovereign. That’s as good as snuggling under a warm blanket. It breeds contentment. Thank You, Lord.