When winter lingers, even though it's spring

Our porch thermometer registered a brisk twenty-six degrees this morning — this first day of spring. The old apple tree is beginning to form tiny buds on its branches, my rose bushes are awakening from their slumber … spring is here, and yet winter lingers with its frosty mornings and oyster gray skies.

When Winter Lingers and Speaks to  My Soul

As I observed the contrast of two seasons — their merging, their conflict — I thought about my spirit. And yours.

Most will endure a winter of the soul at some point on this journey of faith. Depression slips in and takes hold. Difficulties mount up and quickly consume, dimming the light of Christ to our earthly vision.

We’ll have moments of hope, a twinkle of light, a brief bit of laughter, but soon the brutal cold of despair washes over us again …

Twenty-six degrees while the daffodils bloom in the neighbor’s yard.

Yes, it can be difficult.

And yet, spring brings glorious hope — the evidence of new life, new beginnings, all things made new. Jesus brings glorious hope, too … if we’ll let Him.

Micah 7:7 reads, “But as for me, I watch in hope for the Lord, I wait for God my Savior, my God will hear me.”

Micah said, “I watch in hope for the Lord.” He anticipated the goodness of God. He waited with certainty that God heard His cries for help.

I learned recently that “hope is based on confident expectation based on solid certainty.”*

Confident expectation.

Solid certainty.

Winter lingers, yet spring is here.

The Hope of Spring

I looked again at my neighbor’s daffodils stretching toward the sun. I considered what these delicate trumpets of spring had gone through as they worked to push through the hard, cold soil while winter lingers. Surely it was a struggle, but with persistence they pushed toward the warmth of the sun.

And they broke through.

While winter lingers, they broke through the difficult place, lifting their beautiful faces to the sun in praise.


*The Spirit-Filled Life Bible commentary


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