Oh Lord, I lift up my voice in praise to You for You alone are worthy of our praise. You are the One True God, Maker of heaven and earth. You are mighty, wonderful, faithful, merciful, and good. Your love astounds me. Your grace washes over me like a cool stream of refreshing water in a parched and weary land.

And Your Presence comforts me when I am afraid or unsettled. Thank You Lord. Yes, Your Presence is my sure place in the storm.

I pray for those who are hurting today – for those who are discouraged and overwhelmed with anxiety. Life is hard, Lord. You know this well. But You also promised us that You would deliver us out of ALL our afflictions as we trust in You and take You at Your word. We choose to believe You, Lord. We choose a thankful heart in spite of our circumstances.

Come, Lord. Come and inhabit the praises of Your people. Set us free to worship You in Spirit and in Truth. Grant Your children the wings of eagles to rise above the storms and soar with You on heavenly heights. Thank You. Thank You for Your Word that sets us free – if we will only believe.

We love You Lord. We magnify Your Name and rest in the beauty of Your holiness.

A Tweetable to Encourage Others

Please don’t carry your burdens alone. Many prayer warriors read my blog and would be honored to pray with you, if you’d like to share your need. You may also contact me directly at nan@jubilantlight.com.

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