Obedience requires a cost, but it places us in the midst of God's perfect will.

Obedience requires a cost, but it places us in the midst of God’s perfect will.

I felt lost in the darkness though the sun shone bright upon me along the country road. I sought peace. Direction. Reassurance for the life decisions I had made. Shadows from the giant pine forest enveloped me as I passed briefly beneath their graceful canopy and then back into the light of day.

Lord, I prayed. I know You are with me, guiding and caring for me. But why do I feel lost? Why do I succumb to the cares of the world and the words of the enemy that penetrate my heart? I want to obey You in all things. I know that obedience requires a cost, but I think I’m ready to count that cost … I think. That scares me, but I know that to be in Your perfect will is the most secure place for me. Yet, I feel lost not knowing which way I’m going and how I will get there.

I kept walking. Thinking. Listening. I wanted to hear from God as He walked on the wings of the wind moving through the tall meadow grass alongside my path.

Deep within I felt a stirring. I remembered the scriptures from Isaiah that exhorted me to listen for God’s direction:

“Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, ‘This is the way, walk in it,’ whenever you turn to the right hand or whenever you turn to the left.” ~ Isaiah 30:21

Yes, Lord. I’m listening.

And then He reminded me of the next verse.

“You will also defile the covering of your images of silver, and the ornament of your molded images of gold. You will throw them away as an unclean thing; You will say to them, ‘Get away!'”

Lord, help me lay down those things that distract me from You.

Lord, help me lay down those things that distract me from You.

Lord, are there idols in my life? May it never be! I choose to be holy for You, Lord. I choose You as my first love. Open my ears to hear Your instruction. Give me courage to lay down those things that distract me from the work of my hands and the focus of my heart. Be my strength, Lord, for You promise that when I am weak, You will be strong.

As I made my way back to the house I pondered the ways of the Lord. Opening the front door I entered the cool hush of a silent home. I picked up my Bible and turned to Isaiah 30 and read over the scriptures the Lord had brought to my remembrance.

And then I found God’s promise.

“Then He will give the rain for your seed with which you sow the ground.” ~ Isaiah 30:23

The work of my hands and the words of my heart are not in vain. As I grasp hold of God’s mighty hand and turn my ears toward heaven, He will direct my steps. As I lay down those things that hinder my walk with Him, He will lead me out of the shadows of darkness into His marvelous light. As I choose holiness as unto the Lord, He will give the rain for the seeds I so hope to plant in the lives of others.

Yes, our God is faithful. He is always gracious to us at the sound of our cry.

My sweet friend, I encourage you to be still. Cease your striving and remember that He is God. Open your ears that You might hear His gentle whisper.

And then take courage. Be about the Father’s business as He purposes for your life. You are loved by an amazing God.