Is your burden heavy? Jesus is calling to come to Him.

Is your burden heavy? Jesus is calling to come to Him.

Father, what blessed assurance I find knowing You love me, care for me, and provide for me. Thank You. You are so merciful and kind.  Thank You for calling me to come and place Your yoke upon me, for it is light as You carry the weight of my burden. Help me see that image in my mind’s eye — that beautiful image of You walking alongside me, lifting the burden from my shoulders and placing it in Your capable hands.

I want to walk consistently in this principle — this truth. Forgive me when I am stubborn and determined to do it on my own. You are teaching me to yield to Your gentle prodding. Thank You.

I lift up others who are burdened and heavy-laden. I know Your heart is already turned toward them for You promise that Your eyes roam to and fro upon the earth seeking those who need to be strengthened. How sweet is that? The thought of You searching out Your hurting child blesses me beyond words.

I ask that You make this truth real in the hearts of Your children, especially those who need You desperately this day. Many need to see Your hand of provision. Many need the touch of Your merciful forgiveness and kindness. Others are desperately sick and need the Balm of Gilead to flow through their veins.

You, Lord are Jehovah jireh-our Provider. You are Jehovah-rapha, our Healer. You are El Roi, the God who sees and knows all about it. Thank You for hearing us when we call upon Your name.

Bless You Lord. You are high and lifted up. We exalt Your Holy Name.


Please don’t carry your burden alone. I would be honored to pray for you.

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