God provides the gift, but we must unwrap it.

God provides the gift, but we must unwrap it.

Lord, be found in Me. In all things … be found in Me. May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to You. May the love in my heart draw others to Your warm embrace. I want others to see You in me and to know that You are the greatest gift our world has ever known — a gift from our Heavenly Father who desperately wanted us to know Him.

You are such an awesome God, full of wonder, full of grace. I’m so very thankful for Your grace. It carries me through my days that otherwise would be impossible. Your grace is available to me always, but I must gather it daily. Just as the children of Israel had to gather their manna daily to sustain their lives in the wilderness, we too, must gather our life-sustenance from you daily.

For me, especially right now, your grace sustains me. Maybe for someone else it is courage or peace or hope. Maybe it’s joy. All of these things are the perfect gift from You waiting to be unwrapped to meet a need.

But it’s up to us to unwrap them.

We do that by loving You first, by spending time in Your word, by speaking with You throughout the day — not on the run, but in genuine conversation. Teach us to apply this Truth in our lives that we would walk in victory when the enemy assails.

Bless You Lord. You are mighty to save, faithful to deliver, and merciful at the cry of Your child. Thank You. We love You and we give You praise.

In Jesus’ Name I pray,



Please don’t carry your burdens alone. I would love to pray for you.

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