a shadow of remembrance is hidden, but not from God

Sweat dripped profusely after two hours of weeding my flower gardens. I left nothing hidden, not a shadow of remembrance from those despicable weeds. Nothing. I wiped my brow with a cold cloth and plopped onto my porch swing. A gentle breeze passed by. A glass of ice-cold water quenched my thirst.

But my body wasn’t the only thing thirsty. So was my spirit. It had been a long while since I had lapped with abandon at the river of Living Water.

I Was Thirsty for More of God

Using my toes, I pushed the swing back and forth soaking in the melody of the wrens singing in the old Juniper. My thoughts wandered to the Lord. I had tasted of Him and found Him good — so, so good. And yet I found myself thirsty for more of Him on this hot summer day.

Thirst. My thoughts drifted to the woman at the well in Samaria (John 4). We know that Jesus had to go there (verse 4), He felt compelled — I believe He was led there by His Father to meet this woman’s need.

We know that He taught her about drinking from the Living Water where she would never thirst again. But He also taught her about worship.

a shadow of remembrance is hidden, but not from God

And that’s what He wanted to teach me in the quiet of this moment rocking on my porch.

Jesus said, “The hour is coming, and now is when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him.”

He is seeking such

I want to be the such

But that requires truth.

What truth is Jesus referring to? The condition of my heart.

Is There a Shadow of Remembrance I’m Clinging To?

The Greek word used here for truth is aletheia ((al-ay-thi-ah) meaning “nothing hidden”. It begs the question, “Lord, is there something I’m hiding from you, or perhaps even from myself, that inhibits my ability to worship You from a pure heart? Is there a shadow of remembrance I’m clinging to? An issue I’m not at peace with? Someone I haven’t forgiven? Is there an area of obedience I have failed in? Search my heart, O God, and know all my anxious thoughts!

I sipped on the cold water and wiped my brow again as I pondered the ways of God.

a shadow of remembrance is hidden, but not from God

Closing my eyes, I pressed into the sweet Holy Spirit stirring within me. I knew this was holy ground — a moment in God’s presence where I would not leave the same.

I sat quietly, asking Him to shine His light into the dark crevices of my heart. And there she was. A woman from my past I had resented because of deep betrayal and hurt. I thought I had moved on, but there she stood in the memories of my mind. Unbeknownst to me, but clearly known deep in my spirit.


God wanted to set me free so I could fully worship Him in spirit and in truth with complete abandon, caught up in the depth of His love, drinking freely from His fountain.

Hidden Wounds Act Harbor a Shadow of Remembrance

Oh friend, could there be something hidden in your heart as well that you need to address and find freedom from? These hidden wounds act like cobwebs woven in the moment of deception as we deceive ourselves into thinking we have moved on, let go, and let God.

And we did … but not all the way.

A shadow of remembrance remains. And it needs to go.

He is faithful to hear us when we cry out to Him.



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