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A Shadow of Remembrance is Hidden, but Not from God

Sweat dripped profusely after two hours of weeding my flower gardens. I left nothing hidden, not a shadow of remembrance from those despicable weeds. Nothing. I wiped my brow with a cold cloth and plopped onto my porch swing. A gentle breeze passed by. A glass of ice-cold water quenched my thirst.

But my body wasn’t the only thing thirsty. So was my spirit. It had been a long while since I had lapped with abandon at the river of Living Water.

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Along the River’s Edge Grows a Tree

I walked along the river’s edge. Moss-laden boulders jutted out from the rich, fertile soil. Patches of snow still refused to melt beneath their shadows, sheltered from the winter sun.

Just ahead, a large tree grew along the river’s edge. It clung to the soil of the bank, but as I got closer, I realized many of its massive roots extended into the river itself. Soil had washed away over the years, but still it clung to is source of living — the river.

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When Your Mind and Heart Languish Numb and God Steps In

I sat quietly at my desk peering out the window, yet my eyes saw nothing, my mind languished numb against the onslaught of troubling thoughts — those worrisome, nagging doubts and fears. My mind was blank, therefore my eyes were looking, but not seeing.

I had prayed earlier, but even that was not in earnest. I was looking for God, but not seeing Him. Just sitting before Him with a blank stare.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ How to Satisfy the Excessive Thirst of a Nation

My lips smacked together from the dryness of excessive thirst. I had worked in the yard all afternoon beneath a blazing summer sun complete with tropical air hovering over our mountain. Rivulets of sweat drenched me, adding to my thirst and need for water.

I came into the cool of the house, filled my glass with ice cubes and cold water, and gulped it down! The first glass made me want more — one glass was not enough. I quickly filled my glass again and practically inhaled the liquid refreshment. What joy as the cold water coursed through my lips and satisfied a voracious thirst.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ A Prayer to Quench Your Thirst

Great are You, Lord — Your faithfulness, Your mercy, Your grace. They are new every morning, provided by Your hand to meet my needs throughout the day. You have taught me to gather these things of grace every morning. Like manna in the wilderness, Your grace sustains me. Your Living Water quenches my thirst.

But I must seek You first, be still and know, and receive the gifts from Your hand.

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