Author: Nan Jones

Hold Me Fast, Lord … I Think I’m Slipping

Lord, take my hand and lead me through these difficult places. Hold me fast. Don’t let go — some days it feels like I’m slipping.

In my spirit, I know I’m not. You will never let me stumble or fall. My choices could cause that, but not You. You love me with an everlasting love that will never fail me.

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Anticipating God’s Sustenance, Gathering His Grace

Down below the old apple tree, there’s a meadow where goldenrods grow freely and the mountain stream sings its soothing melody. Each day, just before dusk, we put out deer corn. The deer have come to expect it and often come early, anticipating their sustenance before we’ve cast it across the slender grass.

We delight in providing for them.

We delight in their trust.

But they must journey from the forest wilderness to receive the blessing.

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I Trust You, Lord. Well … Most of the Time

Lord, You are the mighty God, Maker of heaven and earth, and yet You know every intricate detail of my life — You know and care about all that concerns me. I trust You, Lord … most of the time.

That is never a good idea.

I confess that sometimes I struggle with trusting, probably because I place my focus on my circumstances and not on You.

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You’re the Song in My Night. Help Me Hear the Melody

Lord, what would I do without You? On my darkest days You are the light in my darkness, the song in my night. You give me peace when there is none to be found.

Sometimes the world tries to drown You out — sometimes I let it. In the quiet of the night, my thoughts grow restless and try to consume me. Help me hear the melody of Your song in the night.

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