Author: Nan Jones

Where is The Morning Star in My Darkness?

The inky jet of night blanketed the earth in deafening silence. Stillness. Thoroughness. A billion stars scattered tiny points of light high above me. But the complete darkness outside my window remained, reminding me of my own darkness. Where is the Morning Star that illuminates the darkness? My darkness?

The inky jet of night reflected my thoughts — thoughts of discouragement. Depression. Where was my light of joy and peace?

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Be at Peace With All Men … But It’s So Frustrating! ~ Prayer

Lord, You are the Prince of Peace, Your peace is within me. I need only to access it, to yield to its authority if I want to be at peace with all men, and women, and the crazy people inhabiting this earth.

People have gone crazy! I’m sure You are wounded by this, too. And angry. Your holy anger has to be simmering.

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Where Is God In My Darkest Night When Pain Overwhelms?

Out from hidden recesses of my heart — those wounds too deep for words — tears flowed. Totally unexpected. Thoughts pummeled me. Where is God in my darkest night?

My daily walk offers a wonderful time to spend with Jesus, walking, singing, talking. This particular day, leaves crunched to the rhythm of my steps while an October blue sky sheltered me from above.

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