The cold air of night's darkness may threaten, but the Lord will prevail.

The ice storm roared into our mountain community with blinding sleet and freezing rain. Cold air chilling the bone swirled in the mighty wind.

Cold Air Warmed the Crystalline Air in Its Own Peculiar Way

Friday morning we awoke to a crystalline world — everything coated in ice. Branches bowed beneath the weight, icicles hung in the rain’s attempt to defeat the demanding cold.

As the sun came up over the ridge, the earth was alive with glimmering light. Wherever the rays of sun shone, the splendor of heaven’s touch glistened.

It was magnificent in beauty.

Parting clouds opened to the blue of heaven in the cold air of morning.

Putting on my heavy coat and boots to face the cold air, I trekked to the bird feeders, grass crunching beneath my feet. The morning task for my feathered friends completed, I turned and looked up.

There on the eave of our hundred-year-old shed — right at the very peak of the weather-worn wood — sat a bluebird.

A bluebird!

A delight of my heart.

Behind him the ice on the apple tree sparkled in the morning sun, framing him in glory. Parting clouds opened to the blue of heaven, and in that moment, I knew God was with me.

I knew because I recognized His Presence.

I knew because I recognized His delicate whisper within, Child, though the storm be fierce, and the weeping great — joy will come in the morning light. I am with you.

Joy will come in the morning.

Cold Air in the Dark Doesn’t Stop Creation From Praising

I wonder if that is why the morning stars sing?* In the morning because the darkest of night is ending and a new day begins? Full of hope. Full of grace. Full of God’s faithfulness.

Yes, I think so.

All of creation praises the Lord, even if we don’t.


*Job 38:7


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