Even broken ground is holy when God is near

Several years ago, I needed to be reminded that God is near in my difficult places. I sat on a moss-laden boulder wedged in the soil high above the river streaming through the valley below — a stream flowing in purpose, a stream of life, a stream of beauty even as it coursed over broken branches and places filled with jagged rocks.

It flowed steadily.

When God is Near

A meadowlark sang its song of praise in the mountain laurel just over the knoll. Turning my head towards the song, my spirit quickened deep inside. I recognized God’s whisper:

Holy ground. This is holy ground, Nan, because I am here with you. Even in the broken places. Even in the places of gut-wrenching anguish, it has been holy ground because I have been with you. You have never been forsaken, nor forgotten. Not once have I left you in your pain. And I am with you now. Holy ground, Nan. This is holy ground.

I gripped my knees in an embrace and rested my face against them, tears soaking into my jeans.

Not bitter, angry tears.

But sweet, thankful tears knowing that God is near in my brokenness.

God is near in my brokenness.

I was struck with awe at the thought of such a good, good Father — a holy God who loves me enough to carry me through my darkest night.

2 Chronicles 16:9 has become a sure place for me, “The eyes of the Lord roam to and fro across the earth looking for those who love Him who need to be strengthened and encouraged.” He is a God who sees me, knows the burdens of my heart … and He cares.

He sees and cares for you, too.

God Will Dwell Wherever He is Welcome

Sweet friend, I’m learning that even our most difficult places are holy when we invite the Lord into the tear-soaked shadows. His abiding presence makes it holy ground, illuminated with hope and peace. God is near, even when we think He is far away. He remains.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for my God is with me — in this place. God will dwell wherever He is welcome.

Is He welcome in your difficult place?



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