God's amazing grace shines His light into our darkness.

God’s amazing grace shines His light into our darkness.

Lord, Your Name is wonderful. Your Name is higher than any other. Praise and glory belong to You for You alone are worthy of praise!

You are the light in my darkness, my constant refuge who changes not — I love to sing Your praises and tell of Your faithfulness.

I ask that You keep my footsteps within Your beacon of light as I take each step into my tomorrows. Open my ears to hear Your voice clearly. I’m trusting You to make the crooked places straight again, the broken places whole.

I ask that You pour out multiple blessings on Your children that are hurting and need to be reminded of Your great love. Ease their burdens. Dispel their darkness with Your radiant light and immerse them in Your peace that passes all understanding. Rain down grace so amazing it takes their breath away as they stand face to face with Your goodness and experience the touch of Your hand.

You are good, Father. Even when times are tough, the bank account is zero, the diagnosis is life-threatening, or life as we know it seems to fall apart — You are still good. Your love remains. You are our Strong Tower where we can run to and be safe.

I find peace in that knowledge. I find comfort knowing that nothing takes You by surprise and that You will never leave me nor forsake me. Thank You Lord. I stand in awe of Your magnificence.

In Jesus’ Name I pray,



Please don’t carry your burdens alone. I would be honored to pray for you.

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