by Nan Jones   @NanJonesAuthor

I observed the heavens, the rush of tangerine clouds against an indigo sky. The sun nodded its goodnights, casting silhouettes of trees dancing in the wind against the horizon’s stage. The majesty of God surrounded me. I sat starkly reminded of His grandeur – His Almightiness. And yet I pondered how incredible it is that He knows my name. In His tender Father’s love He knows my name.

I read something this morning in A. J. Russell’s God Calling that tugged at my heart:

“Above all I desire Love – true, warm, childlike Love, the trusting understanding Love, and then the gift I prize next is the gift of the moments, of all the moments.

“I think even when Love’s impetuous longing to serve Me has offered Me all Life, every day, every hour, I think even then it is a long and not an easy lesson to learn, what it means to give Me the moments” (p. 153).

“…I prize the gift of the moments, of all the moments…”

I love that. I love the thought that the Lord wants to share every moment of every day with me. With you. Because of His great love. Oh, that we would open our eyes to see Him in our midst, that we would open our hearts to respond to His tender touch of our hand. 

I rest secure in the knowledge of His love.

And the more I realize that He really is with me – not just in rhetoric, but in actuality – the more I love Him.

The more I want to give Him my moments.

Moments of anguish.
Moments of doubt.
Moments of laughter at a grandchild’s silliness.
Moments of wonder at a hummingbird’s grace.
Moments of tears that stream from a broken heart.

When I realize that the Lord is in my moments with me I can face tomorrow unafraid. I can step confidently as I hide in His shadow from the enemy that stalks and torments me. 

When I share my moments with the Lord I am not alone. 

And neither are you.

“And He said, 
‘My Presence will go with you, 
and I will give you rest.'” 
~ Exodus 33:14

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The more I realize He is with me – not just in rhetoric, but in actuality – the more I love Him. (Click to Tweet)

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